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Shiloh Community Church of God In Christ Shiloh Community Church of God In Christ

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Robert Daniels - Pastor - [Account] -

Pastor Robert Daniels began his walk with the Lord 33 years ago. He served with His brother Pastor Andrew Daniels at Daniel’s New Bethel’s Church of God In Christ. God allowed him to spend 10 years observing what it took to be a great leader as God had plans for him. 

After several years of observation, God lead him into the pastorate. In 1988 he began his journey as pastor in West Springfield, MA thus the Shiloh Church of God In Christ began. Within three years, Shiloh outgrew the West Springfield location and moved to East Longmeadow, MA. During the time at East Longmeadow, the church ran ministries in the Worthy House Homeless Shelter, Municipal Hospital and Salvation Army in Springfield, Connecticut Correctional Institution in Enfield and Hampden County House of Correction at Stony Brook in Ludlow. We can see by the involvement in all of these ministries that Pastor Daniels had a big heart for people. And as a result, the church continued to grow and prosper. Another major reason for Pastor Daniels success is that he put the Church ahead of his interest. The Church Board voted to increase the weekly amount we gave to him and he decided to give back $200.00 of that money each week to help the church. He never puts pressure on the members to bring in specific dollar amounts. He refuses to have pastoral anniversaries each year as other pastors do. As a matter of fact, God gave him Deuteronomy 16:17: “Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord thy God which he hath given thee.” This scripture continues to be a tremendous blessing to the church. During our time at the East Longmeadow location, God allowed us to purchase that building and pay for it within half the time the bank allotted. Another remarkable blessing and favor of the Lord was we did not have to go to the bank, but the bank came to us. After approximately 17 years God led the pastor to move again. Under his leadership, we were directed to 91 Jasper Street, Springfield, MA 01109. This church was not on the market for sale at the time, but the current pastor told us that God had given us this building. Look at God’s favor chasing Pastor Daniels. Needless to say, everything fell into place and we acquired the building. God’s favor continued with Pastor Daniels and we were able to make many major improvements to the 91 Jasper Street property. God continues to lead Pastor Daniels and our blessing here at 91 Jasper Street have been enormous. When we have a man of God who listen to the voice of God and then steps out on the leading of God, success and blessing follow that individual . But behind every good man is a great woman. Missionary Sadie Daniels played a major role in the success of Pastor Robert L. Daniels ministry. Their marriage of 53 years (half of century plus 3) and three grown sons is proof of that. Pastor Robert L. Daniels we the members of Shiloh Community Church of God In Christ salute you for job well done.



Sadie Daniels - First Lady -

Clarence Baymon - Chairman of Finance/Chairman of Trustee Board -

Lisha Coleman - Church Secretary -

Johnnie Wimberly - Sunday School Superintendent

Karen Eberhart - Youth Leader - [Account] -

Charlene Daniels - Youth Choir President

Francis Wimberley - Church Mother - none

Tasha Chapman - Choir President - [Account] -

Wilda Griffin - Church Clerk - [Account] -

Kevin Holly - Vice President Men's Board - [Account] -

Lottie Clark - President Bible Band - mother Clark

Bridget Allen - Asst.Choir Director - Evangelist

John Washington Sr. - asst.sunday school superintendent - [Account] -

Mother Stewart - asst. sunday school Teacher

Sis Jackie Echols - President Usher Board

Sister Danella Harris - Vice President Usher Board - [Account] -

Sister Terry Holly - Sunday School Teacher